Old Delhi Food walk

A morning walk in Chandni chowk , through lanes with the most delicious delicacies from the past century was an experience. Here is a curated list of must try:

1. Bedvi Puri and Nagori Halwa Kachori at Shyam sweets. Bedvi poori is breakfast in most parts of Uttar Pradesh. And each city has their own way of making the aloo ki sabzi.

2. Kulcha chana: They also serve ‘ chane ka pani ‘ basically the stew which apparently is the only guy in Delhi.

3. Haleem buffalo tongue stew (kabab lane ) — . Karim Nihari and paya at Karim’s — Nihari was a royal Mughal breakfast, which is basically mutton stew with khamiri ( yeast bread with sesame seeds).

4. Sheermaal- Thick sweet bread best with mutton. Its drenched in Ghee.

5. Diamond bakery- huge variety of Rusks and old school Bakery products.

6. Meat lane — From Buffalo feet to liver, brain and testicles! You see all.

7.Biryani- this guy makes 16 pots of 120 kg biryani! Also works as a caterer in 5 star hotels.

8.Mango lassi — This was more like thick mango pudding. Made with fresh mangoes. They also do banana lassi.

9.Sweets chaina ram — Almond chikki and Dal halwa are a speciality made fresh every morning.

10.Spice market — Khari Baoli, wholesale market for spices is a great inclusion as it smells of all kind of spices and makes for great photos.

11.Chole Bhature — You are pretty full by the time you reach here.

12.Chai with Milk cake — Opposite a barber shop which is interesting for foreign clients

13.Gurudwara — Communal food service