Struggles of a Student Night

After putting on the odd event here and there throughout last year, attempting to begin and organise a weekly student night has proved harder than expected. From miscommunication, being told certain things that aren’t true, having to organise people and things that promoters are often not responsible for… the list goes on.

Each week I’ll be bringing you an update on the progress of the night in question, which for now will remain nameless until it’s a huge mega club party with Patón and Grey Goose being popped on the reg.

So that you have a bit of context on who’s writing, here’s a little bit about myself and the group organsing this event. My name’s Marcus, I’m 20, and I’m studying Music Business at a Uni in London. Along with me is one of my flat mates Will, and our mate from Uni called Tom. So I’m the business man, and the other two study Music Production and both DJ, meaning that together we have the basic requirments for an entertaiment company; business, making music, mixing music, performing DJ sets.

Obviously there’s a lot more to it than that, but in a nutshell it could work. So let’s give it a go. I’ll let you know what happens!