Why you should wear a sweat belt! Is it waist training?

Bridget Garcia
Sep 18, 2016 · 3 min read

When you think of waist training you think “skinny waist” or BULLLLLL. Whatever you think of it here’s some info on the matter …

FACT: Waist trainers compress your rib cage (all within a few minutes) and abruptly force your organs into a compressed space moving them either up (into your diaphragm) or down (into the pelvic floor). This damages both the pelvic floor muscles and the diaphragm’s muscles. Your bones are primarily made of COLLAGEN, then calcium. Think of a glass falling on the ground…it breaks on impact. A hard plastic glass would most likely bounce but not break. Your bones are made to grow and be semi flexible to accommodate life.

Wearing an ADJUSTABLE sweat belt accommodates the size of your waist while adding in the Fit Thieves Balm (yea, I make this, more details below) you’re absorbing these therapeutic herbs to rehabilitate your organs for a better functioning system. Increasing heat will help the sweating which facilitates toxin release eventually helping your body decrease the size of your fat cells.

FACT: If you sweat more you are helping your body get rid of toxins so that your fat cells don’t have to come in and “save the day” by “putting away” the toxins so they don’t wreak havoc on your system later. Your body’s number one filter is the skin! You have approximately a gazillion pores (actually, like 3 trillion, depending on your body size) on your body that let out toxins….and also lets toxins IN. Wearing a sweat belt WILL increase core temperature and cause you to…you guessed it…SWEAT!

Add Thieves (Fit or Skinny, click link to buy) you are adding therapeutic herbs (thieves oil, castor oil etc.) to the mix and you’re increasing heat, circulation and penetration of these highly therapeutic herbs. What does this mean for you or your waist for that matter?

Your organs are working at their best when your body is getting rid of toxins effectively. When your body has too many toxins it shuttles them into FAT cells to protect your body from getting overloaded with toxins and from getting YOU sick. Think of our fat cells as little lockers for toxins (more toxins, bigger fat cells). Side note: Have you ever wondered why people get so sick after losing so much weight…because they have released more toxins into their system than their body can get rid of all at once.

All in all, sweating is a good thing…waist trainers, not so much. Put on a sweat belt a couple times a week to flush your bodies main filtration system!!

As always, keep it moving and stay healthy! XOXO

Bridget Garcia
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