Recently our CTO Elena Georgiou Strouthos has been nominated for the Madame Figaro Women of the Year Awards 2018 (yes we would be honoured to have your vote 🙏) and this gave us the idea to start a series of interviews that will help you get to know our founders a little bit better with a series of questions, starting of course with Elena.

What did you study & when?
I studied Computer Science at the University of Cyprus and Advanced Computer Science at the University of Manchester. Don’t ask me when I graduated though because I won’t say 😉.

Since I’ve been asked to offer my opinion on the matter too many times lately here it goes:

During the last few years the mobile market has grown in a pace that is so fast than sometimes even me, a mobile developer, feel that I cannot keep up. And as the market grows everybody is looking to build the next great mobile app. Of course optimally you want to cover as much user base as possible. Unfortunately this means supporting quite a few different operating systems. Now this is the answer I give to every customer who asks how many…

During the first weekend of September, 2012 hack{cyprus}*12, organized by Cypriot Enterprise Link, took place. In a 32 hours coding marathon several innovative projects with great potential were developed.

As Cocoon Creations we believe that such events are essential to help young people realize that with the help of their imagination and creativity can make a difference for themselves. That’s why the Cocoon Creations team not only helped with organizing the event but also was there to provide mentoring for the teams and sponsored the Best Mobile App award.

Press Release, Tuesday 9th September 2014

Cocoon Creations Wins for Cyprus in Prestigious Awards competition

Cocoon Creations from Nicosia, Cyprus has been named as a National Champion in The European Business Awards sponsored by RSM International; a prestigious competition supported by businesses leaders, academics, media and political representatives from across Europe.

The European Business Awards now in its 8thyear engaged with over 24,000 business from 33 European countries this year and 709 companies from across Europe have been named on Thursday 4th September as National Champions; going through to the second phase of the competition.

Cocoon Creations is a boutique…

The first time I attempted to get a ticket for WWDC was 2012. There is a longer story about why I didn’t manage to get a ticket that year which you can read here. In 2013 WWDC sold out in 3 minutes; by the time I read the email it was too late. 2014 was the first year Apple gave tickets using a lottery and again I had no luck. But this year, I got a ticket! Yoo-hoo!


I arrived in San Francisco on Sunday afternoon, jet-lagged but excited. The taxi driver failed to deliver me to the right address…

Cocoon Creations

Award winning boutique digital agency focusing on creating bespoke mobile apps for iOS & Android. Having performance, quality & end-user experience in mind.

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