What inspired Coco?

Coco Sushi and Bar’s launch has kept people wondering what it is like. Was it the Chocos mascot, Coco? We’re not so sure if we should let you in on the secret behind the name. However, we’re glad to give you a little more insight into the world that Coco exposes and where it draws its inspiration from!

  1. A private affair: Karan Johar’s private party at Taj, Mumbai for friend Manish Malhotra to celebrate his 50th has not only given us some serious party goals where he invited only a few, close knit group of friends but even friendship goals! From Bebo and her royal hubby to the chocolate Kapoor of this generation — Ranbir to KJo’s favourite buddy King Khan, Karan Johar’s private invite is the way you would want it. Inspired from it, Coco decided to bring to you a similar affair in Pune where in only members will be allowed, giving you the chance to hold the kind of private affair you want on your special day!

2. Varun Dhawan: From Parineeti Chopra to Ranbir Kapoor, every modern day actor was seen joining in Varun Dhawan’s birthday party! Friends, colleagues and even work contacts, all came up together and wished this Badlapur hero a birthday like never before! Not only did the birthday boy catch attention, but even the beauties accompanying him like Parineeti Chopra made it to the headlines for the trendiness they carried along in their blacks! Coco introduces to you, Black Fridays to bring in that mesmerizing black back into the world, because black is the only black!

3. Arjun Kapoor’s birthday bash at The Oberoi has been no less than a huge deal because he made sure he turned 30 with full masti! Desi leads like Katrina Kaif, Ranveer Singh and even Jacqueline Fernandes made it to wish the birthday boy! Arjun’s birthday bash has made us sure that although a private affair, it is important to be with the ones who make it worth. Coco will be taking entries on reservations only so don’t forget to book your entries today!

4. Till morning: Salman Khan’s Birthday bash was a big hit in the news, mainly because of this party that was said to be rocking till wee hours in the morning with his friends, family and love! Coco is pleased to announce that entries begin from as early as 7:30pm to continue till 3am, only so that you get to experience the joy that a celebration holds when the world sleeps and you rise!

Still doubting whether Coco is the right place for your kind of a party?

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