Amphoe Pai- the valley town of Northern Thailand scenery

If you want Thailand tours in order to relax, Amphoe Pai must be the most correct choice. Amphoe Pai is a quiet and elegant town. There are not so many Thai style temples. It just a small corner of the world in the valley of the green, but it is an attraction for artists and musicians. The most attractive spots are all kinds of special buildings designed by artists in Amphoe Pai. Cute and playful car cabin, returning to the natural tree top cabin, the swing of the big tree in the resort and a small house full of romantic those are not allowed to miss the scenery.

Baan Pai Fah Fun- landmark attractions in Pai

Baan Pai Fah Fun was built for the Thailand film “pai in love”. Now, Baan Pai Fah Fun has become a landmark attractions. The sky is blue, the grass is green and the cottage is yellow and the bicycle is white. all the colors and elements are so perfect. Once you walk into the picture, you don’t want to leave. You can check in, there is a small swimming pool inside, but the need to book in advance, the price is quite high.

Coffee in Love- most of the coffee shop

coffee in love is next to the Baan Pai Fah Pai Fun. Although it’s a coffee shop, it’s more like a theme park. There are a few white tables and chairs of the viewing platform and a small coffee house, an old red truck, flowers and green grass all over the hills. All this background is a large green fields and rolling hills. Just drink coffee here while enjoying the beauty of a daze all day, there will be no sense of boredom. Of course, the most important thing is to taste the delicious coffee here.

Yun Lai Viewpoint- worship County highest point

Yun Lai Viewpoint is the highest point of Amphoe Pai. It is also the perfect place for in the entire county to see the sunrise and the sea of clouds. Standing on the top of the hill, people want to stay for a lifetime, reluctant to leave. You can enjoy the scenery while drinking tea and eat bananas.i f you have time, sit here and look at the clouds in the sky.

Fresh and simple is the biggest bright spot in Northern Thailand scenery. If you come to Amphoe Pai, You won’t be disappointed. If you want Asia tours, I can help you.

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