Malaysia Tours — something you should know(8)

Today I’m going to tell you something about the tour to Malaysia. I hope it will help you.( There is a real small joke at the end of the article)

Malaysia is a religious country. There are many mosques. So, when tourists travel to Malaysia, they need to fully respect local customs, especially those related to religion. Observing the customs of the place s a good way to experience the local customs and practices.

1. Be neatly dressed. People visit each other, must be neatly dressed. If you wear slippers, you must first take them off and leave them outside the door. Because the inner hall of the Malay people is a place for prayer. Visitors must do the same.

2. Avoid using the left hand: the Malays think the left hand is not clean. When you give something to others, you can’t use your left hand, you need your right hand. For ladies, don’t ask for a handshake and don’t stretch your hand first. Don’t refer to people with your index finger. Malays also avoid touching other people’s heads as taboo, even can’t touch other people’s back.

3. To prohibit smoking in Malaysia. They do not eat pork, and the dead animal and blood. The Malays are right-handed eating pilaf. only at Western-style banquets or at high restaurants, the forks and spoons can be used.

4. visit the mosque notes: Non Muslims need to take off their shoes before entering the church. To visit a temple, women should be careful not to expose their arms and feet, and must not pass through Muslim prayers. You are not allowed to take pictures without permission inside the temple . You must not touch the Quran while visiting a mosque.

5. language: The official language of Malaysia is Malay. But because there are so many foreign nationalities in Malaysia, English is also in common use.

In order to avoid friction in Malaysia tourism, you should respect the local customs. You can better enjoy the joy of Malaysia tours.

A Joke:

One of my colleagues, South Korean, he went on a trip to Hong Kong once. For some reason, he didn’t eat until evening. He walked into a Chinese restaurant and ordered a lot of food. Next, Two beautiful girls came in. Because there are so many people and no place. They were arranged opposite to my colleague’s seat. When they see a lot of food f of my colleague, They talked in Korean and said my colleague ate as much as a pig. My colleague didn’t speak until the bill is paid. The owner of the restaurant asked him where he was from? He said, ‘ I am a South Korean’.