One of places to worth visiting in Philippines the be Tours-Manila

Manila is known as the “New York of Asia”and is one of largest city in Asia. Manila have modern edifices.There are the old city in the hundred year history of Spanish style street and the church. There are dense Green Garden Lane blossoming. Come here, you will like it very much. Now I’d like to introduce some of the sights.

№1 Intramuros

Intramuros also known as the Walled City, is the original site of Manila. In 1571, the Spanish built the castle in order to rule Philippines, covering an area of 1 square kilometers. In the Intramuros visitors can feel the time back, The old carriage carried the tourists through the streets. There exudes the Spanish elegant breath and retained the ancient architectural characteristic. The city has the largest church in Manila — Manila Church. These are worth watching.

№2 St.Agustin Church

St.Agustin Church was founded in 1571, The original building was built of bamboo, coconut and mud and destroyed by fire. rebuilt in 1599, changed to masonry. It is Philippines’s oldest stone church, after the five earthquake and the two World War and can survive, is considered by many to be a miracle. San Agustin Church is characterized by relief on the stone, detailed and realistic. There are paintings on the ceiling and walls of the church, Augustin and Jesus in the middle. Philippines senior officials of all the ashes are buried in the church, the floor is engraved with the death of the deceased year.

№3 Fort Santiago

Fort Santiago is one of the oldest fortifications of royal city. the Spanish rule of the castle in Philippines to become the main defense against potential invaders. The legendary castle building is the most characteristic of the gate on the Santiago story of wood paintings. This ancient imperial Spanish defensive fortress, so in the visible surface sea walls and turrets, there are many deep shuilao, during World War II to imprison people and guerrillas. Fort Santiago is also known as the “holy land of freedom” to commemorate the Spanish and Japanese occupation during the detention and killing of filipinos. The castle was destroyed in the two World War, and it has now become a good place for parks and walking.

If you are interested in the above, you can travel to Philippines! Of course, if you are interested in other Asian countries and want Asia tours, I can help you.

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