Sinking deep

I once had it all.

Touching those broken glasses

while sinking but not moving.

As I stood on top of a transparent box,

floating in a dark blue ocean, freezing.

Winds are silent but chilly

I felt naked.

With every waves I try be still,

But with every step it cracks and breaks.

The box was made from tears,

crystallized, by the years have gone.

Til it became as high as a tower

Ecstasy it felt.

But then as I climb

the higher I go, the frightening it seemed.

And with every step

I tried be still.

Winds slashes through my sight,

and I closed my eyes.

Getting scared I sighed,

And every breath, my soul slips out.

At this height, breeze felt whips

with nails that cuts that bore the skin.

Feeling cold and wounded

I tried be still.

Not long til it blew harder,

the pile of box swayed.

Eyes were closed,

and arms spread out.

Not knowing where to go,

I jumped.

It swayed and crashed,

it made a plunge.

Found myself still standing,

but now at the base of the pile.

My feet stepping on broken pieces,

I look down seeing the blood seeps.

I tried be still.

Without the wind I can finally see,

the blood that spread into the sea.

But then waves came crashing,

it swept away the shards.

Tears fell down as it all came up,

the idea that every thing that’s built

will never last.

This time tears blur

the sight of loss and emptiness.

The box can barely stay afloat,

it drifted as it sways into calmness.

I tried be still til it swept me off,

floating as I look at the stars.

It didn’t seem to be afar

seeing them from where I was near the clouds.

Everything seem distant now,

that every thing I had all gone.

One last time I stared,

and know how close, so close, it was.

That with every sweat that I’ve spent,

was all gone and now just specs.

Of like the stars that twinkle,

with they sink. I tried be still.

It felt cold in my face,

while my every breath turns bubble.

Arms wide open to stay afloat,

fingers seem to touch the fragments.

Of those little stars that were once

I made, gone beyond my very sight.

Touching those broken glass,

while sinking and not moving.

Barely seeing the glass floor as I drift

deep beneath the dark, blue sea.

Naked. Arms wide open and

Barely breathing.

I knew I was sinking,

but nothing is left for me.

I held on what I think was my last bubble,

that my lungs fight for its release.

I saw it came out of me,

with my tiny soul left in it.

I was drowning, but then I knew

That through it all, I tried but still.

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