Big Bang of Social Media?

Most people on the industry would agree on one thing, The importance of social media. Over the past 5 years, there has been a massive surge, and importance placed on both existing, and emerging social media platforms. Artists are almost expected to be on all these different apps now. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc. Many are even doing Reddit AMAs now.

But one name in particular sticks out, Brendon Urie, aka Panic! at the Disco. He has welcomed all forms of social media with open arms and the results have proven worth it. Besides the social media platforms listed above, he is also very well known for his presence on Periscope and Vine. There are entire YouTube compilation videos of him on both of these outlets. He is always tweeting out about doing a live Periscope session, and that is Amazing. It allows a fan to really interact on a “personal” level with them. Lets the fan hang out backstage or in their daily lives, all for no cost other than the ability to live stream that video.

I can understand a hesitation to spread yourself too thin to manage both a career, as well as 10 different social media platforms, especially for a bigger artist where you will have a ton of traffic on every single one of those, and the bigger you are, the greater number of fans will be demanding attention and consistent posting/uploading of content. That requires a ton of time that an artist may not have between their promotional obligations and performances, as well as professional obligations. It requires a lot, and when you have success on just a small handful, why would you need to expand to others? Well, you don’t really. But it is important, and can be invaluable especially for a younger artist that doesn’t have the ability to sell out stadiums (or at least larger theaters) on an international tour.

So I say, you shouldn’t denounce the importance of the various social media platforms that exist, but understand how each of them can help you as an artist, and ask yourself if they benefit you enough to justify utilizing them. But then again, Brendon Urie has found a way to make them all work in his favor, and perhaps we should all take notes.