Day 3 😀

Just had a field day with test driven development. Its one of those days where i felt like i’ve done a lot. I have so many tests, what could go wrong. Well test coverage reporting (Coveralls) had different ideas when i got a 22% coverage only .

It’s the challenging journey of striving to be an andelan. The learning curve is very steep and the expectations are up. My team of developers and LFA are a very responsive cog. We do our best to support each other and get the best content delivered in time.

“To become a good cook is to know yourself, and I, at this point, know myself. I know myself, and I know the cook I want to be and the cook I am striving to be.” — Marcus Samuelsson — Ethiopian chef

At this point, I know myself. I know the developer i want to be. And what organization i want to be apart of. Andela