Code4Good Changed The World in 1 Weekend.

Changing the world for non-profits through code, Code4Good HK churned out great tech applications for charities in Hong Kong and around the World.

The idea for Code4Good came about when discussing the difficulties that smaller non-profit businesses can have when looking for web presences, especially when needing help to “go viral” or have an app that “wow’s the crowd”. Of course there are always new design shops and teams that donate work, but those are hard to come by, and difficult to maintain for free.

Here’s a great idea:

Why can’t we get a group of awesome people together to compete in a hackathon for awesome prizes, with the simple specifications of — make life better for this *or all* non-profits?

Thus Code4Good was born. Our first charity, Kirsten’s Zoo is a small non-profit in Hong Kong that works to rescue abandoned and stray dogs and cats, get them the medical attention they need and ultimately a home with a loving family.

Kirsten is a great person. As a proud dog owner (a rescue pup), I easily identify with the kind hearts of those who dedicate their entire life to helping furry friends. Every morning and most evenings on my walk, we run into Kirsten walking at least 5 dogs at once, and she makes sure every pup in the area gets a treat, no matter how much barking or bad manners they may have. This level of care evokes a response from others, and when we were organizing Code4Good, it was an obvious choice who our first non-profit would be.

The event:

Saturday, August 16 at Noon, the attendees rolled in excited, nervous and hungover. It was a glorious mix of developers and designers, experts and inquisitive alike.

After a few words from our sponsors (NESTideas, AmbiClimate, General Assembly, Foodie Mag, PaperclipHK and Microsoft) and organisers, the hacking began.

We had over 15 people hacking the full 24 hours, and in the end were presented with a total of 7 projects.

The projects ranged from websites that fit what our charity Kirsten’s Zoo required, to a mobile app for assisting non-profits and meetups to create and promote their events on 5 social networks with 1 button (I love time-saving hacks).

Our winners are:

Best UI/UX:
Woofder — Matching application for people to “swipe right” to adopt a pet. The Tinder for Dogs could revolutionize how we humans meet our future dogs and cats. Had a beautiful admin area to add new available pets.


Best Concept:
Kirsten’s Zoo App — 
This app lets users easily find out information on available pets for adoption, as well as interact with them by “feeding treats” via in-app purchases (donation to charity). Amazing! Can’t wait to see this launch in the app store!

Kirsten’s Zoo App

Most Creative:
Moving Zoo — Rethinking how people emotionally connect with dogs, Moving Zoo created an adoption portal that doesn’t rely on images — but .gifs of the dogs/cats at play. Get to know your pet before meeting them. Also had a very complete backend with live profile viewing to ease the creation of adoptable pets. Kudo’s to the 2-click to adopt UX!

Moving Zoo

Charity Choice Winner:
Siddy Team — 
Hitting every aspect of the specifications for Kirsten’s Zoo, Siddy team built a slick interface that has everything ready to go for the modern charity. Also a neat feature to share adoption stories on a map, to see where these dogs and cats end up around the world. Truely inspirational to see this much get done in 24 hours!

Siddy Team

Best Industry Winner:
Eventcast — 
Many non-profits are unaware at how difficult marketing an event can be, so Eventcast helps simplify the process by using your and social media accounts to easily push and manage events from your mobile device. Applicable to many different industries and charities!


Stay tuned to our website — — for more events coming up soon, and also to our Medium page, where we are going to make our home for content.

Until then, hack away- help others and have fun!


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