I Don’t Want To Be Mad At White Americans…But I Am
Zaron Burnett III

Huh…. “an extremely polemical personal essay that reveals incredible bias towards any opposing views” is how I would term this one. Having this sense that you are totally right and anyone who disagrees is deficient (either morally or intellectually) is not a mark of a good writer or journalist. You have to show your capability to understand what motivates/drives the other person.

I mean, WIlliam L. Shirer’s profile of Hitler was all that more damning and all that more searing, because of how he made H. more than just a two-dimensional caricature of evil.

Similarly in your situation. What drives your family to do this? Is there a commonality of values? Or is it a convergence of disparate emotions and views that drove them to do the same thing? The way you describe one family member, makes me think possibly it’s the latter. But who knows? You might, but you chose not to share that part with us.

People who tend to “curate” the information in order to drive their points across, I am extremely leery of. I guess it’s all that education about being sensitive to bias that I had to take in history classes in Canada. Where truly compelling content comes out (in both personal and professional worlds) is when you draw the landscape of the facts as carefully and observantly as you can, and then share your conclusions with us. That kind of approach is overwhelmingly compelling.

Unfortunately, “curating”” facts and pretending that is the landscape, doesn’t make it the factual landscape. People will tend to resist that kind of attempt at grooming our opinions. An example is how you point to all of Trump’s moral failings to make the point that he is not fit for the presidency. You really need to balance that out against what everyone else is like. Could Trump’s real failing be, that he is simply worse at hiding (or holding inside) what his counterparts are likewise thinking/doing/privately-saying? I mean, you yourself make it clear, Trump has a brash personality and he likes to blurt out what he’s thinking. Thus it’s hard to accept your point about his moral failings = bad president at face value.

You’re an exceptional writer, and this election has clearly filled you with exceptional emotional energy. I’d love to see you use that energy to dig a bit deeper into why Americans chose Trump, what were the driving motivators, and what are the values gap between this demographic and those who supported Hillary. It would be a very interesting read, one that I would likely come away from with a sense of edification and gratefulness to you. Having read a couple of your pieces in the past, I think you’re more than up to this challenge.

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