I am a Murse;

No matter what has happened to me in my life, I am still the same person I was meant to be now. I rush into things not knowing what the outcome may be. I find that to be alright.

Caring for people is something I find passionate. I don’t consider wiping someone to be a job, but a helpful hand. Just as a barista serves a drink to a student, waking him up to prepare for an exam.

I am the soul who borders the line of life and death. I will probably be the last person to whom you may speak to. If I have only known you for a couple days to minutes, I will still probably be at your funeral because I was invited.

Just as you see darkness when you close your eyes, you will hear my light coming in. I might not be the best person right now to talk to, but I am a person here for you. Learning who you are will make me a better person; it will allow me to figure a better solution to all possible outcomes.

If you need me. If you are SOB. If your eyes widen and you feel your hands around your throat and the darkness looming over your head; I will be there to mitigate all of your pain. I will not panic in your eyes. You will see that I become cold, but it is only because you feel too warm.

Code blue never felt so good.

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