It’s been a minute.

Life has taken its toll and it hasn’t been better. Last off you heard that I was hopelessly romantic. Oh how the tides have turned and a never ending love story has began to whither away like the autumn leaves being crushed by winter snow.

It didn’t take much. Being in love with someone just because of the infatuation of the common sense and your desires for each other. It all begins and ends as puppy love.

I may be buzzed. I may be drunk. Turning a new roaring 21 I am able to take a break from my classes and studying and write. Tuesday and Thursday’s are my school days and every other days from Monday’s and Wednesday maybe even my Friday’s to Sunday’s I work. When I don’t do either I keep my mind and body occupied by physically draining it’s energy with iron bars. If you sense that I waste no time in nonsense; I don’t.

Enjoy today like no other and love life as life loves you.