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Cam White
Cam White
Dec 12, 2018 · 5 min read
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Isomorphic — Having identical relevant structure; being structure-preserving while undergoing certain invertible transformations.

The Construct

mkdir the-one && cd $_yarn init -ygit init
Example file tree
yarn add global @vue/clivue create frontendcd frontendvue add cordovavue add @vue/pwavue add @uvue/ssr

Initializing Vue and installing the CLI plugins
# serve the browser bundle in ssr modeyarn workspace frontend run ssr:serve# serve the android bundle to a simulator or deviceyarn workspace frontend run cordova-serve-android# serve the ios bundle to a simulator or deviceyarn workspace frontend run cordova-serve-ios

The Configuration

Config — the options given to us by the greater creators; passed down like heirlooms through the generations.

UVue core plugins
UVue server plugins

That’s it for this post, but if there is interest I can expand with backend, environment and deployment stories in a part two.


vue + node

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