Swift + Savannah = Success

Codebase’s iOS Training Lab gears up for Spring 2018 session

When we last met our heroes, they were graduating from Codebase’s iOS Training Lab. Armed with their tip-top Swift knowledge and passion for building software, they were primed to take on the world.

Fast forward to present. We’re stoked to welcome Akash Shah, Jess Telmanik, and Gary Skoglind as Apprentice Mobile Developers. Each is working on an amazing project for a local client. (Stay tuned for details!) As Codebase receives more client work, we hope to engage more of these app dev superstars who want to build apps while living and working in Savannah.

Do you have what it takes to become a mobile developer? Now is your chance to find out — we are now accepting applications for 2018!


Best. Instruction. Ever.

First, our instructional talent is second to none. Lead Developer and Instructor Max Howell has been building apps since before the release of the first iPhone. He’s worked on high profile projects like TweetDeck (aquired by Twitter during Max’s tenure), Popular Pays and Poncho, which was featured last year on the Planet of the Apps TV show. He is also creator of such open source projects as PromiseKit and the Homebrew package manager for Mac, which are used by developers all over the world.

An Amazing Community

We have lots of experience teaching accelerated learning, and being in a room with passionate instructors and a community of fellow students is the best way to ensure your success.

Plus, Savannah, Georgia, is a great place to learn a new skill. The beautiful surroundings and slower pace contribute to the fantastic quality of life, and the tech community is amzing. There’s always something going on, and it’s full of smart, talented people who care about making Savannah a great place to live and work.

Continuing Opportunities to Learn, Grow and Work

When you graduate from Codebase, your journey isn’t over. There are tons of opportunities to get involved if you’re inclined to stay in Savannah. You can attend or present at Make It Mobile, a monthly meetup about mobile development topics. You can teach kids to code at public Hour of Code workshops at cool events like the PULSE Art + Technology Festival and Geekend. And, of course, it’s our goal to hire top performers as apprentices in our dev shop.

We’d love to see you in Savannah in 2018. Apply now!

Questions? Reach out to us at hello@codebaseSAGA.com.