Savannah: Game City

Local game enthusiasts unite to learn, play and create

Malcolm Howard (green shirt) leads the first gathering of the Savannah Game Makers

In her 2011 book Reality is Broken, Jane McGonigal writes that games are the hard work we choose for ourselves. If that’s true, Savannah is gearing up to be the most productive place on the planet.

On April 13, Malcolm Howard gathered the city’s first collective of game-makers, players and enthusiasts. The group is suitable for gamers of all ages, and whether you‘re into video games, board games, card games, pen and paper games, party games or Hunger Games, it’s somewhere you definitely want to be. (Okay, maybe there won’t be much actual battling to the death.)

The next meet-up is on May 18 at 2222 Bull Street from 6:00–8:00pm. Bring one of your favorite games and your delightful self. We’ll be there!

Register here.

Starting the Savannah Game Makers Circle isn’t the only thing Malcolm is up to. He also took home the $5,000 prize at last Friday’s InnovateSAV! FastPitch competition for Project MQ, an indie video game recommendation service he’s building with his twin brother, Marcus. Their beta release isn’t far away, so sign up to join the indie game revolution!

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