How to design an effective Social Media Strategy for your Product?

Social Media has ushered a new marketing methodology for businesses across the globe. While many were skeptical about using social media, in the beginning, today, we see most business groups with a prominent presence online. However, having a presence online is not enough for your business as often, you would be faced with the challenge of a new product launch or the inception of a new vertical, and therefore, you would be required to employ a dynamic social media strategy for your business. These days, a dynamic social media strategy is often confused with an expensive one. Business groups with huge capitals invest heavily in paid promotions on social media. While this does help them garner the numbers, it does little to enhance their overall strategy.

For a business, it’s social media strategy should be all about reaching the customers, and more importantly, the right ones. You don’t want a user sitting in Africa learning about a product that is useful only for the Indian or Chinese users. If you are looking to use paid promotions as an integral part of your social media strategy, rest assured that you need to be clearly focused on the type of users you are looking to target online. Randomly appealing to users online not only wastes your money but also does nothing for your business. The primary objective of your social media strategy should be to reach out to the right users or market for your business.

Unlike what many believe, social media strategy is not a one-time thing. For effective application of your social media strategy, you are required to be consistent with the execution of your strategy. This is very important for startups that are looking to launch their businesses. In order to help your users with the details of your product, the offers, the company info, and so on, you are required to have a dynamic presence on social media. You can use company blogs, articles, and other necessary graphics to interact with your consumers on various levels. The idea behind being consistent online is to establish a strong presence and garner customer retention, something startups have to strive for.

With the internet changing every day, where does the future of social media lie? What about the startups that cannot manage hefty spending for paid promotions? Well, the answer lies in content quality. In order to get going online, you must complement your social media strategy with efficient content. Fortunately, good quality content can get you where paid promotions cannot. Also, in the recent past, many online business groups have complained about how the flawed the entire concept of paid promotion is as Facebook and Twitter have regularly indulged in generating fake accounts to exaggerate page growth numbers. Therefore, in order to design an effective social media strategy, do not fall into the trap that gives you nothing but a credit-card debt. Go for content and consistency.