Tag: Laravel 5.1+, Eloquent

Like zombies, they lurch forward out of the swirling fog of the documentation, threatening your peace of mind…`firstOrNew`. `firstOrCreate`. `updateOrCreate`. You can look away, but you can never forget they’re there…

Okay, probably better saved for Halloween than April Fool’s. Still, for a great many of…

Tag: Laravel v5.0+

I’m a bit of a bouldering fanatic these days. When I first started about a year ago, I was a typical clumsy beginner; butt hanging out, feet scrambling noisily against the wall, searching blindly for toeholds, grasping and gasping for that handhold just out of reach.


Jeff Madsen

Developer and head of http://mahana-designs.com. I write about Laravel, Vue.js and Life. https://twitter.com/codebyjeff

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