3 Reasons All TechCityUK Businesses Should be Excited about the AlphaBeta Building

Remember when Facebook used to have limited functions and blocky buttons? When the page had to reload time after time in order to go through a picture album… Compare it to the current version of Facebook: the most effective marketing and communications tool on the planet (for the most part). That is what the AlphaBeta Building is going to be to the slide-filled, ‘fun-house’ offices that categorised this past decade (google offices, this is you).

Our office and the AlphaBeta Building

Designed to redefine the notion of a workplace, to ignite innovation and connectivity, and empower the combination of the Tech financiers of London with the Creatives of Tech Roundabout- Coded People’s next door neighbours are making ground shaking moves.

That said, we wanted to list 3 reason to be excited about regarding the AlphaBeta Building:

Reason 1: Cycle-In Offices, Basketball Court, and Modern Roof Terrace

Although these elements can be considered as separate entities, they all have one common factor- PRODUCTIVITY. Any person who owns a bike knows the struggle and frustration that goes into protecting the bike, parking it, and worrying throughout the day whether someone has attempted to steal it. What normally starts as a healthy way of commute, ends up being an expensive expenditure and a constant headache. But that stops now, as AlphaBeta Building sets the standard: enabling bikers to slide downhill (the most enjoyable part of riding a bike) right into their parking spot. Add to that a basketball court to encourage any entrepreneur’s winning mentally, and a rooftop where meaningful conversations are inevitably created; and a culture that encourages excellence and competitiveness will emerge.

Bike-in Office

Most businesses build a ‘fun’ working environment, and end up having just that- fun. On the other hand, this new project attempts to stimulate our TechCity culture by providing us with all these different elements- under one hub. Productivity may insinuate ‘boring’ connotations, but when carefully coupled with the right mentality and flare; greatness is created.

Reason 2: A Place to Talk

Just like the building itself, which combines an old architectural pattern from the outside and an extremely modern interior design; the place where it’s situated at offers a meeting between two additional opposites. The AlphaBeta building pushes the mix between the sharply suited professionals of the city and the exceptional creative minds that are in and around the Shoreditch area. The architects did so intentionally by building an entrance door leading to both sides, breaking the barrier that has been created due to the current architecture and business formations.

Open Space Area

If you ask us, this very strategy will be the spark that will ignite the boom everyone has been expecting from TechCityUK. It is the reason we decided to be at the heart of this shift. To create progress, innovation must be enforced. That said, the opportunity for founders and financiers to share a space and interact- brings with it promising outcomes.

Reason 3: It’s the First of its Kind

Let’s use an analogy. The first iPhone was a revolutionary innovation, laying the foundation to our society’s dependence on the smartphone. But it is doubtful whether smartphones would play such a fundamental part in today’s economy without the integration of apps. We all have different interests and ambitions and thus we choose the apps that suit us best. Moreover, the first iPhone was far from being perfect- however its creation led to the current state of the app market (of which many of TechCityUK companies belong to), which keeps growing and evolving.

Similarly, there is nothing like the AlphaBeta Building, which gives us the opportunity to redefine what we see as an ideal workplace. Maybe it is far-fetched, but we think that Coded People and the hundreds of other businesses in the area can be the ‘apps’ that will complete what AlphaBeta Building is trying to achieve.

The AlphaBeta Building will be the first of its kind in the UK, and that gives us (TechCity businesses) the opportunity to learn and observe. Most importantly: all the businesses, creatives, and pioneers of the surrounding areas will have the opportunity to come up with the missing ingredients to make this vision perfect. Even though Coded People will not have a seat in the luxurious office spaces of the building, we will be in close proximity looking for our chance to make a difference.

Inside AlphaBeta Building