What is change?…

To me, anything different is change.

This brings us to the next question…

Do you like it?…

At the first instinct, I don’t like it… (here I don’t include clothes and food coz I love those changes 😉)

So do you like it afterwards?…

Well, this depends on the change itself. If I can adapt to it quickly then yes, I like it but if I have to make an effort then it takes a while to like it and even after that, sometimes I don’t like it.

So why do you not like it?…

That is simple because I think it is not good for me.. If I feel it is good then I like it but I feel otherwise I don’t like it.

Wooh that’s a lot of liking in this blog….

Hmm well lot of liking is better than disliking right????????

That’s the whole point.. If we get it and start liking stuff then things will be better

And how does it relate to your work at LINZ?

You always have to break my bubble… 😒
Well it has all the relation to it and not just to LINZ but to every organisation.
And more so for organisations that have people working with them for a long long time.

A motivation to change in business is competition. If you don’t cope up with it then somewhere deep down you know that it’s going to fail sooner or later.

So what is different in Government?…

Well nothing much except the fact that you don’t have any competition and that you have people who have been working there for ages and are used to things being “their” way that they don’t want to change anymore.

So what happens to people who like change in government?…

Some people stay there and keep pushing however, many of them, after a lot of pushing around here and there and not getting things done, eventually leave.
So the result is a filtered accumulation of people who don’t want to change.

So what do you think can be done to change the situation?…

Hmm that’s a good question… but the answer is straightforward. If people stop focusing on what they are losing and focus more on what they are gaining then this situation will sort itself out…

Easier said than done, give me a tangible way to do this.

I think the day everything starts linking back to PERFORMANCE, this problem will be solved automatically.
Private sector needs to keep up with change to survive the competition and make profit. Government needs to keep up with change to sustain & improve. Individuals need to keep up with change to keep performing.

So, you just are just validating what Darwin said years ago?….

Yep, I am just confirming what we have all known for years.
Change is an inherent part of the process of evolution and growth. If we understand this and make small changes at a time, we will be winners. If we oppose it, then we keep piling up a whole lot of things that need to be changed, and changing a whole lot of things at once won’t be easy for us anymore.

And that’s where I sign off today… more on performance next time 😊

Originally published at on October 10, 2016.