React Native Router introduced, GraphQL explained, Git vs. SVN and the History of Facebook Messenger

In GraphQL Explained Jonas Helfer provides an easy to understand explanation of the inner workings of GraphQL.

He starts with explaining the format of a GraphQL query and gives several examples. Then he proceeds to explain the schema and resolve functions using the Express GraphQL server as example. He follows the query execution through the following steps:

  • Parsing
  • Validation
  • Execution

The article is an excellent resource for those who want to start using GraphQL and need a deeper understanding of how a GraphQL server works.

In Git didn’t beat SVN, GitHub did Ben Thompson states that the biggest advantage leading to git’s popularity is github, not the technology underlying git. There are lots of interesting comments and discussion after the article. Some of the more interesting ones:

“I think Git ultimately won because the workflow it enabled better reflected the evolving ways engineering teams worked.”

“Git won for 2 reasons in my mind: technical/ease of use and GitHub’s social network.”

“Without GitHub, SVN would probably continue to dominate. Git alone just isn’t ‘good enough’ compared to SVN to unseat it single handedly. I would also estimate you are hearing that sentiment a lot. :-) ”

Fresh on the announcement of Facebook Messenger accepting payments Josh Constine traces the history of the application in How Facebook Messenger clawed its way to 1 billion users. He follows the pivotal moments of the life of Messenger: Beluga, Version 1, dropping the requirement of having a Facebook account, the forced migration to the separate app, performance optimizations and the introduction of apps and video.

Jake Murzy introduces us to React Native Router. It is a routing library providing the equivalent of the react-router API in a React native Environment. The goals of the project are:

  • URL Driven Development;
  • Learn once, write anywhere;
  • First class deep linking support;
  • Cross-platform;

The author emphasizes the Learn Once, write anywhere advantage. This project will hopefully fill the void between the lack of native support in react-router and the architectural decision in NavigatorExperimental not to support URL routing. This is indeed a very exciting new option for development of apps and websites with deep linking, app badges, etc.