No one loves you because You don’t love yourself

It’s dead end street.It’s the most vicious circle you have ever been part of.You ask yourself But Why?

It could be unrequitted love,it coud be a traumatic experience as a child.For a woman it’s the worst possible experience to hear “You look just like your father!”.Likewise is for a boy to hear “You look like your mother”.

Time passes,years go by.You’ve changed.Now you look almost pretty but on the inside ,you still think to yourself “I’m not slim/fat enough; I’m not as feminine/masculine as I wish I were.

Words are the most painful way to hurt someone.It’s especially painful to hear by your mother

Sweetheart,you look like Geo Milev with that haircut or ,What now, You look like Blagoy Georgiev!

Do not Ever compare your child with someone of the opposite sex.

Do Not ever say to your child

You’re ugly but you’d get better.

Because sometimes,it’s better to lie.It’s healthy.It’s boosting the little tiny confidence one has.

Saying in front of the mirrow

I am beautiful,I love myself,I accept who I am despite my flaws

probably won’t work for you.Whereas it should.Most people don’t really believe in themselves,they just seem confident but that’s solely on the surface.