something we should know about software development before we dive right in.

A major drift is taking place right now in the practice of software development, and Node.js is at the forefront of them both.

One, software is becoming asynchronous, everything happening at the same time, no developer wants to see that unnecessary reloads when making a request or waiting for a response to an API call, you still want to adopt the asynchronous programming techniques.

Two, JavaScript has become the world’s standard virtual machine-in web browsers, modern-day NoSQL document-oriented database, and on the server as well.

Node.js is just sitting somewhere in the middle of all these trends, and it’s ready to do even more and get bigger.

I know some questions I asked, like “Why Node.js? “, “Will it be possible to learn Node.js? “, “Is Node.js just regular JavaScript as they say? “.

Today I can answer those questions and also share my little idea with others.

First Why Node.js?

Node.js is currently in the revolution of changing software development, the launch of “JavaScript Full-Stack” using JavaScript at every layer of an application stack “front-end”, “back-end”. This was not really possible to make an application with just JavaScript, we all knew JavaScript for its dynamism in web-design, giving that feel of button clicks, day-to-day user interaction, things general impossible with just HTML and CSS tricks. Node.js revolution gives us both “client-side JavaScripting” and “server-side JavaScripting” this being a great way to reduce software complexity.

Will it be possible to learn Node.js?

Yes, as a growing technology, there are lots of resources, some, good and some, bad, some intently focused on serving up web resources. The web is a great place to start off, but does it have every content? Sadly No, this article is that way too, it won’t tell you all you need to know about Node.js. But try discussing with friends, attend meet ups, sure no man is an island and no one can know it all, but get your hands on small personal project will surely give-in a lot more, as people will say “programming or coding is a self-thought thing”, so get ready and dive right into communities.

Is Node.js just JavaScript Syntax?

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!, Node.js is just JavaScript syntax although some ES6 things going on there, but nothing your basic JavaScript knowledge can’t assist you with.

Something cool about JavaScript is there are serval ways to get something done. With a vast community of developers ready and willing to share ideas by getting the job done. Knowing the plain JavaScript is a best way to kick off the learning Node.js.

Hope, I’ve been able to share knowledge and give someone a reason why he/she should be interested in taking a drift and be part of the revolution of “Full-Stack JavaScripting”. Will be talk more about Node.js in probably another article.

Like “What’s Node.js?” some best “Practices in Node.js Development?”, “Where Node.js actually falls in the layer of software development?”, “Do(s) and Don’t(s) in Node.js!”.

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