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I’m a 10 + years experienced WordPress user and developer. In the last 3 years i have seen the evolution of WordPress platform from a simple blog platform to structured and complex CMS. We are in the era of the most popular CMS ever created that power 25% of the web.
According to Matt Mullenweg (wordpress founder) the next step is to reach 50% of the web in the next years.

There are infinite number of open source CMS like Joomla or Drupal but they seems to lose users everyday. The main reason of this WordPress precedence is called “Simplicity”. WordPress its very easy to use and to install. This is the main feature of this platform. There are lot of simple platforms like Ghost but they don’t have the metamorphism of WordPress to transform from a simple blog to a professional website. So WordPress is open source and have a big community that offer support, themes and plugins that let you scale your project from a blog to a professional portal.

The real concurrent of WordPress today is SquareSpace, Wix, Weebly, Webflow, Dunked and the other infinite number of new hosted platforms that grows everyday like mushrooms. Yes i know that WordPress offer a similar platform on but isn’t easy to edit a WordPress Theme like in these other platforms. SquareSpace was created to be a website builder with user experience in mind instead WordPress native blog platform. The new challenge of the WordPress community is the complete transformation of the blog platform into a fully website creation platform. There are so many changes in the WordPress core in the last years but the most important is the WordPress Customizer. SquareSpace, Wix and other platform make the process of website creation very easy to any user even to the non experienced. You can edit everything live and see it in real-time and this is amazing. I know that so many user include me will use WordPress instead any other platform but we are the small part that will develop themes, plugins and customize websites. If you will see the problem from a different user perspective then SquareSpace can be more than a “cool” choice.

The Customizer have defined the new path of WordPress development. Everybody that have worked with latest WordPress Themes have seen the possibility to change the main Theme Options with WordPress Customizer and see the result on the right side of the screen. This is the first big step in User Experience but it is not enough, because not all options can be found in the customizer and also the major Page Builders works only on the back-end. The Page Builders are the most important part of WordPress Theme today. This is the real gap between the SquareSpace Themes and WordPress Themes. I know that builder like Visual Composer by WpBakery comes with two different modes back-end and front-end. The front-end mode isn’t smooth and its very hard for users to work with. The Visual Composer team put so much effort on the back end mode. There are themes like Massive that have introduced a customized version of the Visual Composer but seems little heavy than original version of the plugin. Out there you can also find better developed plugin like Cornerstone that works with X theme but already i don’t see the performance that SquareSpace offer. In three words 1.Easy, 2.Clean, 3.Light this is the new level to reach for all the community of WordPress themes and plugins developers.

Future is Live Editing and Hosted WordPress Themes. People don’t want to read long tutorials on how to edit themes or installing WordPress . I see the transformation that marketplace like Themeforest are trying to insert the Hosting Services. Now you can install automatically only some selected themes into a ready WordPress platform with all the dummy data and also make a domain registration. The same thing we have done with where you can install any WordPress Theme purchased from Themeforest instantly with a Managed Hosting. You need only to purchase the theme and all the steps from installing WordPress to the installation of the themes are skipped.

If you aren’t so tired after all this shit :) check our on working project:

Folie Visual Composer


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