Congrats graduates! Now what?

Congratulations to the 158 graduates of the January 2017 Code Louisville session that wrapped last week. Learning new software development skills in just twelve weeks is no easy feat, but you did it!

Stumped as to what you should do next? Here are some options:

  1. Take another track
    We strongly encourage students to complete at least two sessions to be better qualified as a Junior Developer. Options for the May 2017 session include Full Stack JavaScript, iOS / Swift, C#.NET, and a group project track for grads who have already completed at least two sessions.
  2. Start your job search
    You may be ready to land your first job in tech. If you attend a Job Readiness Workshop you’ll be added to the super-secret #Jobs channel on Slack where we post hot leads from companies eager to add Code Louisville grads to their team.
  3. Add to your portfolio
    Having a project to show off on your GitHub profile is great. Having multiple projects is even better! Employers want to know you have a passion for coding and technology that reaches well beyond our 12-week session. Don’t be afraid to develop your own projects and play around with new languages. Showing you have a passion and curiosity for tech will speak volumes.
  4. Continued / Self Learning
    Dying to learn Python? Wish you knew more about design? Continue your learning on your own! Code Louisville grads have access to Treehouse for 18 months from their first graduation, and there are tons of great resources in there. You may also want to check out (free with a Louisville Free Public Library card), Udemy, Microsoft Virtual Academy, Khan Academy, Code School, and many more.
  5. Contribute to Open-Source Projects
    Check out a site like First Timers Only that provides opportunities for tech newbies to contribute to open source projects. The more you commit, the more you’ll learn.
  6. Attend more tech events
    Now that you don’t have class once a week, spend that extra time checking out more local tech events. You’ll meet others interested in technology, including potential hiring managers. Remember to check out for a calendar of events.
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