Owning your experience

The September 2017 Code Louisville session kicks-off next week, and with it comes a batch of over 200 eager programmers in the making. At last night’s orientation, students posed many of the same questions we hear each session from prospective and current students.

“What job opportunities are available? What are starting salary ranges? What can I expect coming out of the program?”

The list goes on and on, but orientation provides a great opportunity to empower students to own their Code Louisville experience.

As a college student, I made it a point to create showable projects and to take advantage of extracurriculars, internships and other opportunities that would give me real-life experience. I knew employers would be more impressed by seeing first-hand examples of what I could do, instead of simply receiving a transcript with a list of completed coursework.

The formal education I received was definitely a huge part of my success, but it was the extras that helped distinguish me from my peers when graduation rolled around. The same rings true for Code Louisville grads. Those who develop extensive GitHub accounts and take the initiative to create projects above and beyond what is required tend to find much greater success upon graduation.

Code Louisville students are expected to achieve a lot in the 12-week span of the program, but I encourage them to own the experience by attending industry networking events, connecting with classmates, and taking advantage of all the opportunities and resources that are available. Putting in the extra effort now will pay off in the long run.

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