The Blue Screen of Erlang!!! Sam Williams at the EUC17

Sam Williams, a speaker at this year’s EUC17, is interested in building an operating systems that is tolerant to catastrophic hardware and system software failure, oh and he is interested in building it using the power of Erlang!

Sam Williams — How to Build an OS With Erlang

Sam’s talk at the EUC17 (7–9 June Stockholm) is titled ’How to Build an OS With Erlang: A Whistle-Stop Tour of HydrOS’

His aim with this talk is, according to Sam, “[To] look at how to build replacements for Windows/Mac OS X that crash much, much less.” It is hoped that attendees at EUC17 will come away from the talk with a deeper understanding of building embedded Erlang applications, or deploying one of the Erlang-based operating systems.

At the EUC17 Sam plans to run live demos of this system. One of these demos will be to deliberately cause a software fault in one of the HydrOS kernels, then have the error recover automatically. This kind of failure is similar to experiencing a ‘Blue Screen Of Death on Windows’ says Sam, ‘HydrOS allows the user to continue operating the machine and recover total functionality (without restarting) despite the presence of such errors.’ We look forward to the talk.

Sam Williams has been coding since he was 7 years old, he is now 24 and based in Canterbury, UK.

The EUC17 is a three day Erlang and Elixir conference between 7–9 June in Stockholm, Sweden, where Erlang was originally developed. Tickets are still available for the conference here.