The Age Of Technology:

The 21st century is the age of technology — we literally have the world at our fingertips. Over a billion websites have been launched on the Internet. The number of mobile phones now exceed the world population. It takes half a second to pull up a few million search results.
 There are no limits to what we can achieve with technology. Coding is no longer a mere asset for the workplace, it’s a skill as essential as reading or driving. Everything we do is computer-based. If you want to flourish and prosper in this new world, you want to be able to code.
 Besides, it’s like a virtual sandbox. There are endless possibilities for projects, for programs, for anything you could dream of creating.
 Coding takes your imagination to new heights. It makes you think. You won’t get it the first time, maybe not even the second time. But when you feel ready to throw your laptop out the window, that’s when you’ll get it.
 At, we believe that everyone and anyone can learn to code.
 We also think that while coding is difficult, everyone should have the time of their life doing it.
 We know coding will open new doors — it’s the language of the future.
 And if we want our kids prepared to take on the world, they need to start coding now. They need to start young.
 And it’s not just about coding: you learn “how to think,” as Steve Jobs put it. Coding is problem solving, it’s resilience building, and it makes money too. Quite a lot, actually.
 But let’s be honest: if kids have to learn something, they want to have fun while doing it. And we, as teachers and parents and mentors, want them excited.
 Well, we’re in luck. Emojis are the trendiest form of communication today, especially the really useless, virtually meaningless ones

poop Emoji

But who doesn’t love them? If we replace hard computer science syntax with cute symbols that kids already use — doesn’t that make sense? They’ll find it understandable, relatable, and most importantly, fun.
 That’s Codemoji, right there. Kids love it. Teachers and parents get a program that’s interactive, easy to use, and even easier to implement; it lets your kid learn at their own pace, building them up bit by bit.
 So yes, instead of learning to speak seven foreign languages for those college apps, let’s code right now with Codemoji. It’s fast and easy and fun, and there’s never a better time to start :).


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