Why Teachers need to teach more coding !!!

Many of the world’s leading economies are gradually introducing coding in their school curriculum. A world trend that is taking over the West has even begun to take effect in the rest of the world. The effort is not just at the government level but community level as well through the efforts of organizations such as Code.org and the hour of code program. If every child in the school system were to be introduced to coding from an early age, it would mean that by the time they are adults working in the own businesses or employed as decision makers, digital solutions would make more sense. The world is turning digital in a lot of ways and most everything today is computerized. This is the backdrop against which coding for kids is being introduced in schools, even though not every student will end up in a technological field. 
 Choice of language
 Automation is the direction of the universe in this century and most of the coding languages in use today have been around for quite a while. By including coding in the regular curriculum, teachers will be deliberately exposing their students to a field of study that is fundamentally the engine that controls the world. This is the best way of exposing students to all the programming languages so that in the event of professional programming, it becomes possible to match skill and language. 
 Computational thought analysis
 Developing a code is a process that involves writing code as well as executing it. While it does involve quite a number of steps, the success of a code is known immediately. This process needs to be taught in a classroom because it will by default trickle down onto all other aspects of a student’s life. Understanding the concept of programming for kids and the resultant effect introduces coders to algorithmic thinking which the basis of computer science is. With the right materials, teachers can adapt to teaching this science even without computers. 
 Adapting to the needs of the century
 Initiatives that advocate for the presence of computers in the classroom prepare kid for the world where computers are used in all aspects of modern living. A lot of what students learn with a computer can very easily be learnt using a mobile phone because both revolve around use of applications. Coding prepares students for developing code that runs the applications. The needs of the current world are more compared to the existing applications, and that is a gap that teachers can help to bridge. 
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