Meeting and Interacting with four Andela fellow and two Instructors

It’s been a great joy and opportunity to be part of the Andela Bootcamp. Right from the first day in boot camp to this very moment. The atmosphere and aura were very different from anywhere I have been in recent times. There is this feeling of being in a sanctuary where all your worries seem to melt away like an ice cream in a cup on a sunny day.

We were introduced to the concept of relationship building on the first day and it was normal that i should try out my new learned skill. I set out to meet as many people as i could in order to build my skills. Normally, I am a very shy person and hardly start conversations but i needed to do something different and just try out something new.

I had the privilege of meeting fellows like: Verem, Samuel, Suraj, Olumuyiwa and instructors like: Godson and Prosper. I noticed the willingness of the fellows to assist us with any issues we were having with settling down and other issues.

The instructor in my class is Mr. Godson Ukpere. A young and energetic man. He likes smiling a lot and makes his class very interactive. His approach to teaching is very practical and he gets everyone involved by throwing questions open to everyone and sometimes points at you when he notices you have not been active (you do not want to get caught). One attribute about Mr. Godson is his openness to learning. I am always amazed at the way he openly accepts new concept and idea. Sometimes he speaks the Yoruba language in a wrong way and when he is corrected he laughs about it and corrects himself.

I also had the opportunity of meeting Terwese, who is the Engineer in charge of the network at our bootcamp. He doesn’t talk much and is reserved. He said he got into Andela on his first try and his passion to be excellent made him succeed. He said he likes listening to different kind of music, reading, and watching movies. He also said he dislikes fake people and pretenders. He also advised me that my drive for excellence and ability to learn will make me succeed.

Two fellows Mr. Suraj and Mr. Mayowa were also attached to our class and they made life so easy and smooth for us at the boot camp. They were supervising and assisting everyone in the class. One unique thing I noticed about them was their willingness to assist whenever they were called during work hours and still had time to do their own work. We all know it is not always easy to multitask. Have you seen a programmer also work as customer relation service personnel? I think these are two jobs that can never go well. They were really diligent and helped us all the way. I had the opportunity of talking with the two of them separately and I noticed that had some things in common like Passion for the job, willingness to assist one another and good interpersonal relationship skill. On a few occasions though they did scare us with the thought of submitting out task after the said time; which was fun in some kind of way as it made us work harder.

I also had a one on one chat with Verem and Samuel. It was really an inspiring one. Verem is from Benue state and is a graduate of Electrical Electronics engineering from The Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Benue state. He joined Andela in 2015. He said he was inspired to join andela when a friend he was teaching Java applied and got accepted into Andela. So he said to himself “if my friend whom i am teaching Java can get into Andela, why can’t I?”. He said he actually applied 3 times before becoming a fellow. He talked of how his passion to become a developer helped him. He is a gentle and soft spoken person and loves to code.

Samuel is from Delta State and also a graduate of Electrical Electronics Engineering from University of Port Harcourt. He likes to listen to music, exercising and reading. He is a very calm guy and an active listener. He was always ready to hear what i had to say and politely corrected me if i was wrong. Samuel had a similar story too as Verem of applying to Andela # times before actually becoming a fellow. After chatting with them I concluded that is an essential attribute in getting into Andela. I also noticed their dedication to their work was high as they were always holding their laptops and working despite the fact that they were attending to other issues. I have been really impressed by what I have experienced so far and looking forward to being like them (Andela Fellows).

Now I know that with dedication and passion in anything I do, I would be able to achieve whatever I want. Andela is the place to be and learn. TIA (This Is Andela).

I would be writing about my experience on the next week at boot camp. Hopefully, I will also write as a fellow at Andela. I believe and I perceive it. See you guys in my next post.

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