Picture taken at Kwarabuild.com Tech Tour in Lagos, Nigeria.

2018 Year in Review: My Turning Point

Someone once told me that in order to see all that you have accomplished, you have to pause for a second, take a step back, and reflect on the things you have done. I had a really amazing time writing my previous 2017 Year in Review, so let’s do this again😊

Working on projects (WORK)

Early 2018, I had an opportunity to work with amazing folks in tech and this has really give me strength, focus and ability to secure a stable version of my thinkings in different aspects in tech. I spent the whole year working on Membersdrive.com, Kwarabuild.com, Thesimpleshipping, Devswaggs, Wp4Campus, Kampefit, Sitemach, and lot more. These projects made me understood more about the importance of team spirit and community work.

Articles published.

One of my biggest plan is to demystify Wordpress design and development process as much as possible, so but i was only able to lay my hands on just three such as building Wordpress(Theme and Plugin development) due to some other circumstances like school works and all, which by 2019 i hope to write more.

Travel & Community Building

It was an amazing experience traveling around and most especially traveling to make impact. Below are my tech community building experiences:

Kwarabuild Tech Tour

A super amazing tour i have ever experienced in the history of my entire career, i had an opportunity to visit different tech companies in Nigeria.

Few pictures taken at Andela epic tower, Lagos
Pictures taken at Techpoint.ng, Lagos
Pictures taken at Facebook Ng_Hub, Lagos
Pictures taken at Workstation VI, Lagos
I Pictures taken at Wennovation Hub, Ibadan

I had fun attending Ingressive Tech Meet Entertainment Summit in lagos and below are some pictures taken at the event.

Pictures taken at Ingressive TME, Lagos

Kwarabuild Tech Conference

October 1st, I co-organized the largest Tech conference in North-Central, Nigeria. This is one of the most amazing and challenging project i have ever worked on. We had amazing individuals and tech firms that supported this project. I will specially thank Ingressive and VMware Canada for their supports and for always believing in Kwarabuild team. Thanks once again!. I will drop some few pictures taken at the conference 😀

Few pictures taken at kwarabuild tech conference.


I attended my first tech hackathon and it was an amazing experience meeting awesome techies building and shipping stuffs.

Picture taken at NaijaHack 2018, Lagos.

In the process of building the tech community, i wrapped up my 2018 tech tour at Binapti tech conference in Kogi State.

Binapti Conference, Kogi State.

In a very short wrap, that was how my 2018 went😎

To those that made 2018 a year of awesome experience for me i say a very big thank you and pray we shall all do more better next year.

My goals for 2019

As I enter 2019, I hope to push myself to write even more, speak more, travel more and try as much as i can to meet more awesome people. Thanks for taking your time to read my year in review article, Let’s do more in 2019. Happy new year folks😃💃