Group photograph shoot at #Ingressive_kwasu meetup

Becoming a Web Developer using Github as a tool- ICA Kwasu Maiden Meetup.

On Saturday 15th March, we had our maiden Ingressive event in Kwara State University, Malete. For those that don’t know, Ingressive is an ecosystem architect working with international bodies seeking expansion in Africa and directing resources to tech communities across the continent. The mission of Ingressive Campus Ambassadors program is to offers a unique opportunity for students in tertiary institutions in Africa to contribute to the growth and development of the African tech ecosystem.

What happened?

We started off the event by introducing to our attendees what ingressive is all about and also introduce the relationship between and their corporate partners(GitHub and Figma) this session was handled by Codemonster_ and after that we distributed GitHub Cheat Sheet to all our attendees.

Speakers session

Our first speaker was Demola Ajijola, He talked about “Developer Journey and Git” where he gives proper introduction to Git and Github and also talked about the developer stacks.

Ademola Ajijola talking about the Git and Developer journey.

Our second speaker was Shamshudeen Aderoju, He talked about the “Use of Technology for Community Development”, it was an amazing and interactive session where students asked series of questions and practical demo was also presented.

Shamshudeen Aderoju walking our attendees through the use of technology for community development.

The next session was handled by Steven Adedokun, he walked the attendees through the process on publishing an NPM Packaging using Git and Github.

Steven talking on how to publish an NPM Packaging using Git and Github.

We had our last session handled by Ibraheem Zulkifli Codemonster_, he gave a talk on “Building your network as newbie Web Developer”. It was also an amazing session and lot of attendees learn the basic things needed to actually build their portfolio as newbie Web developer.

Ibraheem Zulkifli, Talking about Building your network as newbie Web Developer

Moments during the workshop


Due to change in Venue about 30 minutes to kickstart the program, few of our registered attendees were unable to locate the new venue due to the fact that few of them were unable to received an email sent to notify them on time. Even with that, 97 students attended out of 112 that registered although few of them came around after they received the change of venue email.

wrapped out the event with a group pictures and everyone smiled home😃

Group pictures after the event.

You can access all the event pictures here:

We specially thanks everyone contributed to the success of this event and we promise to do more amazing Ingressive events in Kwara State Univerity, Malete. Cheers!!!😎🤗💃