Believe in the Beats With A WebComic CodeName:Rave

Welcome to the world of Codename: Rave. Before you lies a unique world of struggle and strife. A world where one man known only as the Operator must survive in a city where everyone has super powers but him. An old school raver with a taste for new technology, The Operator fights back with his turntables and the records he uses to call out to the Groove…Sonic Goddesses that can arm him against those who stand past his limits.

The story has been crafted over the course of 15 years and has now taken the form of a webcomic for you all to enjoy. It came into creation because of a passion for everything rave and not seeing characters that looked like our team, or featured ladies. And they didn’t look like people we hang out with at Festivals or Warehouse Parties. We wanted something a bit different than mainstream. We are dedicated to showing you a world of Party People and The Underground hand drawn and digitally inked and colored by two art teams constantly battling for the power of the page.

Codename: Rave is set to run on a two page per week schedule. The team wants to get as much of the story out to you as often as we can. Our goal is to finish the introduction entitled, “Exordium” and build and craft one shots as well as an expanding set of longer stories. Access to all of this in the Activity Stream begins with just a $2 contribution per month. All pledges and support help us build more stories to dive deeper into this world crafted to last longer than a night out or a weekend. For a taste of what will be offered after launch, take a look at the Creator Posts tab. We’ve posted a lot of the initial behind the scenes action and we’ll build as can with more support!
To keep the Operator breathing, we need your help! By being a Patreon supporter, you’ll gain access to new Realities, which are portals to an array of quite crucial rewards, like sneak previews of new art, digital pin-ups, wallpapers, and more! If you don’t have funds to help right now and still want to help, that’s fine too! Please check us out on all things social (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ for starters). Like us, follow us, tweet us. We want you to be apart of the new age of rave. Pledge as little or as much as you’d like, and depending on your gracious pledge level, you get a bunch of backer-only benefits

Check us out, and thanks in advance for helping us keep the party going!

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