YouTube Re-Design Using Flutter

Sanjeev Moga Bishnoi

It was a interview task job to improve the Youtube user experience and design using new stunning hybrid application platform Flutter (By Google in Dart Programming language)

I have been working as a Flutter Developer for 1 year. Before that I worked on React Native. When I compare these two platform Flutter outperform React Native in maximum of cases. Last month Google added support for Flutter web and Flutter Desktop so this is going to rule the development world in very near future .

So let's get started

Home Page

First change that I felt that must be is a Search Button at the bottom because most of the operation on the phone are performed using thumbs and everything that is important must be in radar of your thumbs. Search play a very important role and when we are in situation holding our phone using one hand(e.g standing in Bus, shopping mall) and then search should be performed using thumb and phone size are increasing day by day (Many phones look like tablet now a days) so it becomes tough to click on search button giving in app bar every time. So I keep both but add it to bottom as well with beautiful curvy bottom tab design.

Search Page

When you click on search icon then you will have search screen which is filled with video list based upon on your search history. If we keep this screen empty then it is not a positive impact on user. Even in Ecommerce applications we can utilize this idea to never show a customer empty Cart page, We can show recent good deals to encourage them to purchase something to improve sell.

Second thing, search bar is made auto focused to make keyboard open by default to make things easy for user. as shown in screenshot below

Video Detail Screen

On the media player I feel need for having a loop button, many time we feel obsessed with a particular music and we want to watch it again and again.

Second thing is after video description there comes a list of video recommendations after there is comment session. Even as a video watcher /creator , to see the comments /reply I have to scroll too much to comment. So I put description and comment section on same level to make things easy accessible.

Account Page

I feel design of this screen could be make more better but by user experience point of view what I want to show here is that when you watch youtube video it consumes internet data and time. You get information for free that is good things but this can be improved by adding concept of Gamification when we watch video we watch ads as well. For ads Publisher get money, youtube get their share but a watcher we got nothing even after out watch time is 5 years. Youtube must reward us that we are returning user we are using your product (instead of Twitch) then it must give some monetary rewards to watcher as well or any kind of appreciation as they wish.

Second is, User must be able to set default categories of their interest for trending and other recommendations.

Third is , User must be provided step by step guide to make money from youtube easily accessible . If there will be a link it is more chances that user will go for it. Like if you are singer How can youtube help you to be recognized , all kind of stuff like this.

Last one is even if I have subscribed with notification for particular channel , But if I am on holidays and I don’t want to get distracted by any notification then there must be don’t disturb mode from youtube only. Like Bright side is very informative channel I like it but it uploads more than 3 videos per day , nearly 10–15 min. of each so when you don’t have enough time, it irritates .

But what if you are a Flutter developer and You don’t have any interest in redesigning Youtube then You are only concerned about source code then I am happy to say I have open sourced it on Github. Don’t forget to give it a Star on Github and Also do some clapping if you just liked the topic.

Thanks a lot for your time.

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