Hello World!

I am done running. I have chosen to face my fear
Courage is what you need to overcome what you’d normally run away from.

I have always desired to be a good writer but I keep running away from writing. But then, how do I become good at writing without writing?

Well, I am done running and I have chosen to face my fear.

A Bit about Me

My name is Oluwasegun Adeleye. I am a Senior Software Developer at DealDey. I started software development back in 2014. Just a few months after I completed my NYSC. I have moved from being a trainee to being a junior web developer and now a Senior Software Developer at DealDey where I lead the Engineering team. I can boldly say that I have gained a lot of expertise since my first development job.

Why Write?

I believe I am at the point where I need to share my knowledge and experience with other people. I must say that this is long overdue because anyone can share what they know at any level, whether a beginner or an expert. So my major goal is to share what I know, what I am learning, my challenges — solved and unsolved.

Additionally, on a personal level, I am doing this to get better at writing. I really want to become an amazing writer. I admire those people who effortlessly express their thoughts through writing. I would love to get there someday. Consistent writing is the only way to achieve this.

The Focus

Being a backend developer, my articles will mostly be related to this area. Another area of focus will be JavaScript. I am currently reading the You Don’t Know JavaScript series and I must say, there’s so much to talk about. Once in a while, I would be sharing my experience leading an engineering team.

I am excited about this journey, more excited about where it leads to and most excited about the many relationships that will be built along the way.

P.S. The title of my first blog post was inspired by Ire Aderinokun first post https://bitsofco.de/hello-world/

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