Weekchangers: It’s the Little Things

Solved the 24th stage of Flexbox Froggy! Don’t worry, I smudged the solution out a bit.

Every week, we come across nuggets that help us see our work differently. When I’m coding, that might be a cool tutorial or StackOverflow post that completely rewrites my understanding of a concept. Every now and then, I like to gather these up and share them out with friends. Here’s my my most recent weekchanger (hat tip to Einar for sending it my way!):

Flexbox Froggy

It’s a CSS tutorial that finally explains flexbox in an easy, visual way. I have never seen this so simply explained than with this animated game! Practice flexbox properties like justify-content and flex-direction with a series of 24 interactive challenges.

Thanks to Thomas Park for making such a cool tool and for changing my week!

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