Is learning boring? We solve that with micro-learning and blockchain

Education is necessary and vital for one’s abilities and future opportunities to a better life. But learning can be a rather boring process. And despite its importance, many fail to properly assimilate the knowledge due to this issue of boredom. But can this be solved?

The answer is yes. Micro-learning does exactly that: makes learning easy, fast and exciting. If you add also the blockchain capabilities when it comes to the rewarding system, you get a solution able to deal with one of the painful problems all students face, the boring learning process.

Code of Talent is the world’s first blockchain powered micro-learning platform designed to uplift people’s learning motivation.

All the courses on the platform may be built with easy to use micro-learning framework, encompassing best of breed gamification and interaction techniques. There will be 10 minutes daily learning sessions and direct interaction with the educator, within groups of maximum 40 participants.

Code of Talent integrates employers, advertisers, sponsors and premium content providers to build a sustainable ecosystem and token economy, while creating a micro-revolution in the educational landscape. It brings together people, skills and companies, connecting the education and labor markets in real time.





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