students like their computer science class more than schoolwork in general
Apr 25, 2018 · 2 min read
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Image for post has become the most broadly-used curriculum for AP Computer Science Principles nationwide, and last year, we reported in the course’s first year, students taking the AP Computer Science Principles Exam broke records in diversity. We also reported that despite the exam’s rigor, AP Computer Science Principles had a higher pass-rate nationally than the average score across all AP exams. And on top of all of that, surveys show students actually like their computer science class more than other schoolwork!

Nearly 8,000 high school students were surveyed after completing CS Principles last year, and we found that 84% of students enjoy their time in computer science class and find it interesting compared with 73% of students who enjoy their time at school in general and find it interesting. The responses reinforce prior surveys which showed that students rank computer science among their favorite subjects.

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These results are particularly encouraging considering the majority of our students are females or minorities who have been long underrepresented in tech. And with 70% of students in CS Principles classrooms expressing an interest in studying computer science after they graduate from high school, we can’t wait to see what happens as these students continue their education.

It’s clear that computer science is a subject that students like, and given a chance to learn, they can excel at it. So let’s continue to give every student the opportunity to learn computer science — at every level.

Hadi Partovi,

There’s still time to bring computer science to your school — apply today for’s Professional Learning Program for middle and high school teachers!

Full data:

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