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For further informations please visit or mail us to

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CODEO TOKEN (CODEO) in order to provide detailed reports and transparency to community members and all CODEO users. and currently we are in the supply reporting stage and are in progress at coin market
We hope to get the best and positive support for all of you

untuk informasi dapat menghubungi kami di

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In the context of data transparency and CODEO performance on the world digital asset market. then the CODEO team has just updated and reported total supply data, total circulation and other data to marketwatches such as coin marketcap, coingecko, coinpaprikan, coincost and others

for further information and information, please contact us at

visit :

wallet :

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Unfortunately based on information that one of the exchanges where codeo is traded, namely vindax exchanges is victim of hack, causing loss of millions of codeo, and to save the community from loss of investment, we’ve decided to change the token contract address, deposit of codeo on every exchange has been disabled, note disabling of deposit is to prevent the hackers from dumping the stolen token before the swap.
please no need to panic, all investors holding codeo will receive token in the equivalent of 1:1,
The number of tokens and decimals will remain the same:
New contract

As for the transfer and integration process at exchanges and also marketwatches such as CMC and Coingecko will be carried out gradually and in the future the old smart contract will no longer be valid
for information and further information please contact

based on information that VINDAX EXCHANGES are being broken and become victims of hackers. and our team responds quickly to these activities, so our team requests all exchanges that become our partners to close the trade temporarily to further information to ensure the safety and comfort of all users

thank you


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We are proud to announce that you can buy and trade CODEO at one of the largest crypto exchanges in Turkey, SISTEMKOIN.

and for available trade is

for more info please visit

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Good news. Codeo tokens are now available at Main Exchanges. BILAXY EXCHANGES trades CODEO TOKEN with several pairs viz



Come on, join us soon and become part of the CODEO TOKEN Ecosystem

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(CODEO) on 2020/06/03 08:00 UTC VinDAX trading for




CODEO/VD trading pairs on 2020/06/03 08:00 UTC.

#vindax #codeotoken #codeo #newlisting

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We invite you to participate in the codeo voting program at ATAIX exchanges. we believe the power of the community will encourage and build an integrated business ecosystem in CODEO TOKEN.

get a prize of SUPERDROP CODEO TOKEN worth $ 200 which will be distributed to you no later than 3 weeks after listing on ATAIX EXCHANGES

Vote for free and get the reward

prize conditions:
vote then your proof of vote screenshoot then mention it on the official Twitter codeo or on the announcement bitcointalk with the subject “VOTE ATAIX”

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