Player 1 … insert deployment!

Deployment can be hard, frustrating and intensely time consuming. That’s why we love to automate and in general make things easier in our daily techie lives.

Guess what! I have something for you, which will make your heart jump a little bit. The “Deploy to Azure” button!

As soon as you see this button e.g. in a ReadMe of an GitHub repository, you are instantly able to start the deployment of this very service to your Azure subscription.

You need to have an Azure account and a valid subscription in place — yeah, Captain Obvious!

The steps right after pressing the button are kind of self explanatory, but I want to show them to you once that you are not completely surprised during the process.

Self Service?
If you want to immediately provide this easy way of deployment to your own service, take this:

Configure your deployment

Depending on what the developer of the service wants you to customise, you will see a bunch of different parameters you can/need to set.

In this very case you can configure the following parameters:

  • create a new resource group
  • choose a resource group name you fancy
  • choose a site name (!which needs to be unique!)
  • choose the subscription you want to use this service in (most of you will only have one — so leave the default)
  • and most important … choose the location/region you want to deploy the service in (be aware, that not all services are available in all regions

Preflight Test … Cabin crew, ready for take off

In the next step a preflight test is done for making sure everything is ok for deployment e.g. the names you chose are valid. You get feedback immediately if you need to fix something.

3…2…1 Deploy!

In case everything is well, the deployment begins and you will see the following page where the progress is listed in real time.

As soon as the last line — yes, green indicates success — appears, you can go to your Azure portal and marvel at your newly deployed service.

Cool … where to go now?

No idea where to start? If you are in need for a basic image resizing service which runs totally on Azure Functions, have a look at this repo :)

Have fun and keep on coding!