The Pros and Cons of Investing in a Cyber Security Bootcamp

Coder Academy has been running technology bootcamps for the last 3 years. We took the model that started in the USA and adapted it to better suit Australian industry and to include accredited content. As a result, our course offerings are unique in the market.

The success of our Software Development Bootcamps led us to see the need for a Cyber Security Bootcamp. We wanted to provide global insights and best practice on top of a strong, accredited coding foundation. We wanted to provide hundreds of hours of real hands-on practice and training in both technical and enterprise skills; so we scoured the globe and decided that the model used by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) was an ideal choice.

Our Cyber Security Bootcamp launches on the 12 November 2018 in Melbourne. It will run from 1pm -8pm, Monday -Friday for 7 months. This is not a part time course. This is the equivalent of a Spartan or Tough Mudder race for your mind, your growth, and your career! Technology bootcamps are not for the faint of heart. You will be tested emotionally and intellectually.

Over the course of 7 months, students will complete a Diploma of Software Development, the material to be prepared for the industry-standard Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) exam, and learn using materials specifically designed by ex-Israeli Defence Force Personnel. You will be trained by a combination of educational and industry experts in the most practical way possible. You will be mentored by people in industry and offered an optional 4-week internship at the end of the course (assuming you meet the eligibility criteria).

But our bootcamps are about so much more than just technical skills. You will be taught how to be more agile, more adaptable, more collaborative and more resilient. You will hone your communication skills and improve your ability to navigate the employment market. You will learn how to foster a growth mindset and how to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

This course is unique but it is actually not expensive when compared to other University and TAFE courses. It is an investment in your future. You will be upskilled fast, in the most relevant and in demand skills. Our other bootcamps have employment rates of more than 75% within 3 months of finishing and we believe that given the enormous demand for secure coders and penetration testers, this course will be no different.


  • Unique in the market
  • Provides in demand skills quickly
  • Full time and fast
  • Includes an accredited Diploma of Software Development
  • Builds enterprise skills/soft skills simultaneously
  • Develops adaptability, resilience and market savvy
  • Good value for a course that includes so many elements
  • Provide an excellent foundation for people wanting to pursue both technical and non technical career in Cyber Security
  • Taught by a mix of industry professionals and brilliant educators


  • Full time and intensive — so you really will struggle to work at the same time
  • Costs up to $17,000 if you cannot access VET student loans and/or a Diversity Scholarship Pilot program
  • Requires a minimum of a Cert IV in IT or 3 years industry experience


  • The PROs heavily outweigh the CONs. Get in quick to secure a spot in this amazing pilot course.

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