What Does an Ideal Coding Bootcamp Applicant Look Like?

The traits that make a successful Junior Web Developer aren’t too far off from what makes a standout coding student. Think you have what it takes? Here are 10 characteristics we’re looking for in our Fast Track Bootcamp students…

Over the years, we’ve come to notice that all of our top students (in any of our courses) share a certain set of values and characteristics. Not only do these students produce the highest standard of work, but they also open up the doors of possibilities when it comes to nailing an interview and landing the job they want. Do you have what it takes? Find out.


Imagine coding as purely a lateral thinking activity. You can solve the same problem in 10 different ways using code, though each different solution remains scientific in its precision. It’s not only creative in the obvious ways: i.e., you can create art or music with code…and we don’t mean with Sebelius orPhotoshop, but with Processing and Ruby…and that’s still not exactly what we mean by creativity. Of course that’s creative, but consider this:

Something as simple as printing from zero to six can be done in at least EIGHT ways, but of course, only three of them may actually be a suitable solution to your problem. It depends on variables like the scale of your web app or website, for example.

The key premise of coding is creating the best solution for whatever problem you’re facing. ‘Laziness’ as a coder means you’re apt at finding the fastest, and still widely understandable, solution to a problem. Someone else is going to work with the code after you are done, after all!


This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Our top bootcamp students exhibit an eagerness to learn and a willingness to work hard. If you commit to this course, you’re committing to a hyper-intensive half a year. You’ll be going from a novice to a Junior Web Developer in a fast-paced 23 weeks, during which you will experience times of defeat and exhaustion, interspersed with breakthroughs and ‘aha moments’. Will you be able to power through? Coding can be an adrenaline rush, but to get to that stage requires a lot of hard work.

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Our best students are those who are easy to get along with. Whether you’re learning to code in a classroom or actively working in the industry, you’ll be a key part of a team and/or communicating with other teams — no matter what job you get. Throughout our Fast Track Bootcamp course, you’ll spend at least 40 hours a week in close quarters with ~18 other students for five consecutive months. During this time, you will be expected to collaborate with your peers on projects, daily challenges, and pair programming. Even better, you will become a family of sorts and create long-lasting friendships.

Even if after the course you go on to become the lone coder for a small non-tech company, responsible for building and maintaining their website and internal suite of tools, you still have to communicate to your boss and other stakeholders. It’s vitally important that you get along with others. Our instructors have little patience for arrogant students or students who don’t act as team players.

Coding has always been a team sport, all the way back to the early days when a bunch of women worked together to code the ENIAC. Working alone is fine for late night coding sprints when you are debugging features; however, the higher level thinking of deciding how to pull your project together is much better done like this

…than like this…

Yes indeed, we’re searching for social skills!


So, you’ve tried a little coding before. Before you embark on this life altering six month journey, we want you to at least show up on day one with a bit of prior coding experience. At the bottom of it, we want you to have some sort of idea what you’re in for. You might have dabbled in HTML on Free Code Camp, or played around with JavaScript using Khan Academy. Maybe you’ve checked out some Ruby tutorials on YouTube, or you might even have a GitHub account.


First and foremost, we value the right attitude above all else. Our best students have an unwavering determination, put their all into their work, and have a knack for lateral thinking. One of the first questions we ask our applicants is to describe a time they came up with a creative solution to a problem… Any problem.

To be a good fit for our Fast Track Bootcamp, you create effective solutions for the challenges you face, in your life and/or your coursework, independently. We have a bit of a cliche motto here, but it rings true with each batch of students: “You get out of the course what you put into it.” When you don’t know how to complete a task yourself, you know how to ask the right questions, either of dear old friend Stack Overflow, your peers, your instructors, or your co-workers.


Coding is, in essence, building things. Coding combines the art and science of construction with lines of text comprised of words with ‘special meanings’. These words, like ‘if’, ‘while’ and ‘null’ are the building blocks of software. Coding is a very intense process that can involve defining functionalities, creating user stories, sketching up wireframes, researching solutions, and then, finally building it. Regardless of what you want to create, coding involves a lot of patience and a love of figuring stuff out.


Coding is a very intensive activity. The learning curve can be a bit of a shock, even if you have prepared yourself to face it. If you don’t have a positive attitude, it’s going to be very difficult to get through the harder parts of the course when you feel like you’ll never break through. If you are the type of person to easily feel defeated, this might not be the best fit for you. If we haven’t scared you off yet, feel free to contact us. Seriously.


We expect our students to at least have an online presence on LinkedIn or even Twitter, which shows off your personality and at least a bit of your background or previous experiences. We want to see that you’re capable of great things, or at the very least, getting the job done…whatever the job may be. You might have even created your own website, the classic portfolio. Any information we can gather about you online will help us to get a wider understanding on who you are and where you are at, so we can ask more salient questions.


Problem solving is intrinsic to coding. Coding involves a skill called ‘computational thinking,’ in which you break down a problem into all of its parts. You’ll be using your brain in entirely new ways, like abstract thinking and simulating how a program will work. You enjoy trying to find the right questions to ask, and then following through with the appropriate answers.

You’ll learn techniques to help you problem solve. These might include: RTFM, also known as ‘Read The F&#king Documentation’; testing your assumptions; the “Saff Squeeze”, and dissembling. These are methods commonly used to write and debug (fix) your code. Debugging is a big part of coding. The actual typing could end up being as little as 10% of the time you spend at work with a majority of your time spent on the aforementioned techniques.


You’re from an interesting study, work and/or demographic background. Maybe you did a PhD in Philosophy or you worked in logistics. Perhaps you have a history in teaching ESL or graphic design experience. Whether you’ve recently graduated from high school or are on the verge of retirement age, you could still be a good fit for the bootcamp course if you meet all of the previous qualifications. We’re looking for people from unconventional backgrounds of all sorts. This means you!

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