Tips to Build a Great Reputation

Do what you say you will do.

Emulate those that you look up to.

Never speak badly about others, ever.

Show integrity at all times.

Always offer a hand up, there is enough for everyone.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just own them.

Show appreciation and gratitude.

Get involved with your community.

Be authentic and consistent.

Be a likable person.

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Hello Everyone,

1: DZone

Top 11 Tips to be self discipline.
Top 11 Tips to be self discipline.
  1. reminding yourself why your success matters.
  2. use productivity apps to track your behavior and routine.
  3. vegetables, nuts, and unprocessed foods to allow you to have more energy and motivation.
  4. combine you're should do’s with your want do’s.
  5. pick one thing that you’d like to change. one thing which would’ve made your day better, then plan out your change.
  6. figure out which time in the day/night you’re most productive and then do your best in that period of time.
  7. it’s much easier…

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