Top 11 hack to maintain self-discipline.

Top 11 Tips to be self discipline.
  1. Rewrite your goals every day: reminding yourself why your success matters.
  2. Technological shortcuts: use productivity apps to track your behavior and routine.
  3. Raw diet: vegetables, nuts, and unprocessed foods to allow you to have more energy and motivation.
  4. Productive pairing: combine you're should do’s with your want do’s.
  5. Deciding the difference: pick one thing that you’d like to change. one thing which would’ve made your day better, then plan out your change.
  6. Know your nature: figure out which time in the day/night you’re most productive and then do your best in that period of time.
  7. Advanced decisions: it’s much easier to stay disciplined if there’s nothing there to break your concentration.
  8. Wasting weekends: it’s important to have days off but not every weekend you should take off as it will make you stay off from your ambitions. weekends aren’t excuses to not reach for your goals.
  9. Timed block: try separating your day into smaller blocks. do your tasks in blocks which would make you feel your day is going faster rather than you staring at the clock.
  10. Boost your glucose: every time you talk, think or walk your body is in need of glucose. you need a baseline of simple glucose to help you mentally and physically. boost it with fruits or a spoon of honey.
  11. Shrink your celebrations: take shorter breaks to keep your momentum going. don’t celebrate too long after completing your tasks as it will drag your motivation. And the bonus one…12
  12. Obey your calendar: you should gather all your commitments in one place. this will keep track of your obligations while giving you a concise overview of each day, week, or month.

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