How Blogs Can Up your SEO Game

I’m sure everyone (digital marketers and amateurs) have heard or read that if your blog is ‘awesome-blossom’ then your ranking on search engines improves. This is true to some extend because content is an indirect way of promoting your business in a subtle way without coming across as too ‘sales-y’ or too ‘market-y’.

Today, I shall help you understand how a blog can affect your search rankings and I will also be giving you tips on how to come up with an incredible piece. For affordable SEO services in Delhi you can contact us. CodeRang is a renowned digital agency that offers expert solutions and services at reasonable rates.

Tips on writing an effective Search engine optimization friendly blog:

1. Think of a topic before typing away. The base or the fundamental to any blog is always an idea. If you do not have an idea in mind then you won’t be able to write about anything or our content is going to seem really ‘off’ or unimpressive.

2. Have a proper structure. This means you will need a proper title, subheading, and conclusion at the end. Just like every content your piece needs a beginning, a body and an ending. Your Title must sum up your story, your opening paragraph must include all the important details, the body must contain support material and the last paragraph must sum up the whole idea and a conclusion is also required.

3. Use LSI keywords. LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing and these are keywords that are related to your primary keywords. For instance if your keyword is digital marketing agencies in Delhi then your latent semantic indexing key words are digital marketing agencies in Delhi NCR or digital marketing companies list. When you type your keyword into your search engine

4. Use words that invoke emotion and action. What this means is you need to make use words like fear, anger, or other words like uncertain, lust, etc.

5. Add backlinks in your blogs or articles this way you lead traffic back to your site and potential clients might then turn into customers. If you post blogs on your website then add links to other articles related to your current topic.

Conclusion: optimization can only be done if you have a great strategy in mind. You need to think about what’s important and what isn’t apart from that you will also need a UI/UX friendly website. We are the best web design company in Delhi NCR and we ensure friendly UI as well as UX to allow users to have a pleasant experience.