Is Social Media A Platform For All Businesses?

Today, there’s a huge hype of SMM or Social Media Marketing. Everyone thinks that placing an ad or a campaign will get you leads, conversions and traffic- to some extent this is true but such platforms don’t support or benefit all businesses. Social Media agencies in Delhi or elsewhere can help map put a strategy for you to effectively enter the right market and get great results.

I’ve worked in industries where my superiors thought that running an ad would benefit them in no time. They spend money like Dan Bilzerian and when the time comes to analyse the results, won’t be happy with the result and might probably curse every employee involved in the marketing team.

SMM isn’t a game everyone can play. Specific businesses make it big here. Travel industries, Fashion industries or accessories for laptops and other mechanical devices are a huge hit on such platforms whilst others (like manufactures and digital agencies) struggle to attain their goals.

Digital marketing agencies in Delhi like CodeRang offer such services- SMO, SEO, SMM among other services. You need to understand that for some agencies or firms it is easy to determine their audience, demographics of their target audience and specifying which age groups to target but if you are in a business that sells services in which the audience is unclear then you are going to have trouble attaining your goals.

Instead, I reckon such organizations to opt for SEO. Search Engine Optimization, though a slow process is highly effective and lasts longer than paid strategies. For SEO services in Delhi NCR you can get in touch with us. We offer affordable services and guarantee results in 3–6 months.

SEO contains mainly two strategies- on-page and off-page. The former process includes posting meta descriptions, add modifiers to your headings or titles, create internal links, use appealing visuals and post fresh content on your site.

The later (viz off-page SEO) is a strategy in which an expert or a trainee will submit content to Social bookmarking sites, link building and sharing or posting blogs on other mediums like BlogSpot, ezine, Tumblr and other article posting sites.

Every business should be implementing this tactic as it is very effective and productive. Apart from that, blog commenting and forum discussions are also a great way to put your brand out there. PPC or pay per click is another effective way of reaching your target audience and the leads you get from there are very genuine.

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