Is your Web design driving away people?

Many times it is believed that our marketing strategy sucks balls and that is why we aren’t getting the desired number of leads so we implement other marketing strategies to make up for our previous endeavors. But is that really the case or is another element chasing away our leads? Coderang, the best web design company in Delhi NCR can help you come up with interactive web designs that are guaranteed to attract users. In many cases, it is our web design that shoos away our users why? Because we don’t know how to professionally and effectively implement the use of:

- Color sand contrasts

- Text

- Visuals

- UI is poor

- Your content is old

- Content isn’t placed in a flow

There are countless of things that make up a bad web design and it is your job to play close attention to each and every one of these details.

Your color scheme is a major factor that may be shooing away your visitors. If your background is too bright or if your text and background aren’t balanced out then users won’t really bother going through your site. If your logo isn’t balanced then people aren’t going to take you seriously either.

Your content (the written words) on your site or blog(s) need to be grammatically correct, updated and fresh. Use words that everyone and anyone can understand unless it’s specified to target people from that industry only. You do however have to keep in mind that there are certain instances when layman may visit your site for research purposes or God knows what reason so make sure everyone is bound to understand what you’ve written.

Use appealing visuals. If you can use cinemagraphs, GIFs or explainer videos please do so. What the hell are you waiting for? Attractive visuals are more likely to get users to engage on your site

Implement a call to action tactic that is visible and not at all hard to find. I am going to be writing an article on CTA or call to action soon. You will be quite impressed how important this factor is. Anyway, let’s get back on track.

Navigation is another important element that may be shooing away your visitors. If it is hard for someone to navigate through your page or site and if the loading time is too long then, unfortunately, you are screwing up your business opportunities.

You’ve got links that are not working or are displaying errors when clicked on. This is very irritating and unprofessional if you let something like this slide. Test your links well in advance so that you do not anger your potential leads. If you are looking for a web development company too then we’re here to save your day. According to many start-ups, we are the top web development company in Delhi NCR. What’s better than being praised for all your work?

In conclusion, the user experience, and the interface must complement each other otherwise your website will be a huge flop.

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