• Craig Hodges

    Craig Hodges

    Investor & Founder in businesses in biometrics, digital, content, booze, property…..entrepreneur etc etc

  • Cat Weers

    Cat Weers

    ED Tech,History,time traveling,coffee,life long learning,former HS History teacher,current ELearning Coordinator &E.D.s student @ODU all tweets my own.

  • Daniel O'Sullivan

    Daniel O'Sullivan

    Founder, CEO, Artist, Musician

  • Andre Fleury

    Andre Fleury

    CEO & Founder @ZehnkTech. Father of 3, married with my College sweetheart. Doer. Entrepreneur. Life long learner.

  • Cris Bjelajac

    Cris Bjelajac

    Senior Director, BizOps @Genesys. Contact Center Technologist. Voted most likely to devolve into a Golden Retriever

  • Ayomide Fayefunmi

    Ayomide Fayefunmi

  • Fils Olivier

    Fils Olivier

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